Demolition Adelaide and South Australia

With over 40 years of experience in demolition around Adelaide and South Australia, we  have a wide range of equipment and resources to tackle any demolition job.
Whether your project requires building demolition, structure demolition and demolition machinery, we can guarantee through extensive experience throughout South Australia, we can do the job.

Yezgra Demolition are Adelaide’s trusted demolition contractors. We are known as a local demolition company in South Australia with a reputation of safety, customer service and affordability. Our highly trained staff and quality equipment can tackle any sized project.

Yezgra Demolition Adelaide are experts in commercial, residential and environmental demolitions. Our staff are fully trained and we will match the right people to the right demolition task, whether it is a large commercial demolition in South Australia or residential demolition.

House Demolition
We understand that building a new home in Adelaide could be a stressful time and that is why we pride ourselves in our customer service and care to ensure the demolition is done fast, affordable and safe. With our extensive demolition equipment and expertise we will walk you through our plan and give you a time frame and stick to it throughout the demolition and construction project. No matter if a project is a one or two story building in suburban Adelaide or in outer South Australia, we will demolish, remove waste and level the plot to leave you with a pristine and clean slate to build your dream home/ project.
Commercial Demolition

 Yezgra Demolition in Adelaide are experts in delivering results in large and small commercial projects. Our demolition and earthmoving staff are highly trained in the machinery we use to insure a safe and productive process. From you first call you are greeted with an experienced project manager that will tailor your demolition project in Adelaide to ensure it is both cost efficient and meets your building schedule.

We care about the environment, our employees and the public, which is why we ensure all standards on safety are met when we undertake large and small demolition projects in SA. Commercial demolition projects require expert equipment and operators which is why we have a wide range of up-to date and serviced construction machinery. We understand time and budget is of essence in any construction project, which is why we hold the highest standards within our organization to ensure your commercial demolition project in SA is done on schedule and to cost.

  • Building Demolition
  • Structure Demolition
  • Demolition Machinery
  • Rubble Removal
  • Earth Removal
Demolition Adelaide, South Australia
Demolition Adelaide, South Australia