Earthmoving Adelaide and South Australia

With over 30 years of experience and becoming well known in Earthworks around Adelaide and South Australia, we have a wide range of equipment and resources to tackle any earthworks job.

Yezgra Constructions are Adelaide’s trusted earthmoving and earthworks contractors. We are known and trusted as a local earthmoving company in South Australia with a reputation for safety, customer service, and affordability. Our highly trained staff and quality equipment can tackle any sized project.

We have built our local South Australian earthmoving and earthworks by utilising our wide range of earthmoving equipment for both big and small projects across the state.

All our machinery is fully serviced and safety checked before every project, so you can be sure that our equipment is reliable and your project budget and timelines are met. Our staff is fully trained and we will match the right people to the right earthmoving tasks, whether it is a large commercial earthworks or residential earthworks in South Australia.

Our machinery ranges from various sizes equipped for clearing and leveling sites/base preparation/ compaction/ excavation and soil removal. Our machinery ranges from 7 tonne excavators to our 24 tonnes. We are well equipped for clearing and leveling sites/base preparation/ compaction/ excavation and soil removal.

A Comprehensive Fleet of Earthmoving and Construction Equipment

Yezgra construction prides itself on having the most comprehensive range of equipment to undertake a wide range of earthmoving tasks. We pride ourselves on our large array of equipment and machinery and routinely service and safety check them before every project.

Front End Loaders

Multiple sized loaders ranging from 1.5 tonnes to 16 tonnes in weight available to undertake a wide range of applications on your job site.

Articulated and Skid steer loaders with quick release four in one bucket, grader blade, backhoe attachment, road sweeper, pallet forks, loaders with quick release buckets.


A range of steel track, rubber track, and hi-rail Excavators from 7 tonnes to 24 tonnes, with a ride range of attachments including tilt hitches and GPS

Compaction Equipment

An extensive range of compaction equipment with vibrating plates up to 10 tonnes.

Tip Trucks

A large range of in-house tip trucks, ensuring that the job site of the project is in maximum productivity,

Earth Moving Machinery Available for Hire:

At Yezgra Constructions, we pride ourselves in having a wide range of machinery to ensure we get the job done.

  •  24 tonne Hyundai Excavator
  •  14 Tonne Hyundai Excavator
  •  7.5 Tonne Hyundai excavators (2x)
  •  7 Tonne Hyundai Excavator (2x)
  •  Mack 206 Semi-Tipper (2x)
  •  24 Tonne Mack tipper trucks (2x)
  •  Bobcat S250 Skid-Steer
  •  23.5 Tonne Hyundai Excavator
  •  Augers for drilling piers of various sizes

If you require a machinery resource for your next construction project contact Natalija on: 0405 044 290

Earthmoving and Earthworks Services

  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Industrial sites
  • Building Sites
  • Experience in all types of trenching work
  • Split levels
  • Contaminated soil removal
  • Clearing and leveling site
  • Asbestos removal
  • Rock breaking
  • Large diameter boring
  • Clearing and leveling site
  • Base preparation
  • Compaction
  • Excavation
  • Soil removal