• Teringie, Split Level Home
  • Teringie, Split Level Home

Project Details

Project Description

600sqm 1200mm Split Level dwelling, in Teringie, South Australia

  • 800m2 Cut/Filled site up to 3 metres cut with our 23 1/2 Tonne Excavator
  • Bench site 1200mm drop from finished floor level to finished floor level
    Supplied and compacted rubble
  • Excavated trenches and removed soil with our 24 Tonne truck and bobcat
    Placed fortecon and steel reinforcing with our in house steelfixers
  • Boxed up formwork and poured concrete to bottom level
    Formed  up and propped 1200mm boxing to upper level
  • Boxed poured and finished concrete to upper level
  • Concrete pump hire included